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INVIA Life Bone Support tablets support healthy bone density while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Supplies 100% daily value of calcium and magnesium
  • Contains Vitamins K2 and D3 for maximizing calcium absorption and utilization.

    Key Highlights & FAQ’s

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    • Calcium: Critical for the overall health and strength of bones, calcium helps bolster bone density.
    • Magnesium: Primarily stored in bones and skeletal muscles, magnesium helps maintain healthy bones and helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
    • Boron: An essential plant nutrient and ultratrace element, boron is currently being studied for its calcium retention properties in animals.
    • Horsetail Extract: Used since ancient Greek and Roman times to address a variety of health issues, this plant contains silicon, an essential mineral needed for bone health.
    • Vitamin K2: Found in green, leafy vegetables, vitamin K2 helps improve the body’s calcium absorption, and plays an important role in the formation of minerals in bone, increasing their strength and density.
    • Vitamin D3: While most of the body’s D3 is acquired from sunlight, it’s also essential for immune health, and is included in INVIA’s Life Bone Support for its ability to help the body absorb calcium. 
    • Vitamin C: This immunity-building vitamin is necessary for healthy bone development and for the proper formation of collagen, which is the fibrous protein portion of bone and cartilage. 

    Suggested Directions

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    For adults, take 6 tablets with a meal, or take 3 tablets twice daily with meals for maximum health benefits.


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