Quick FAQs

Q. What is INVIA?
A. INVIA is a mental performance supplement, scientifically formulated to improve focus and concentration, processing speed and reaction time*.

Q. What are the key ingredients in INVIA? 
A. INVIA contains Cognizin ® citicoline, ornithine, caffeine, vitamins B6 and 12, and vitamin E.

Q. How were the ingredients in INVIA Selected?
A. Ingredients for INVIA were selected according to the highest standards of efficacy and safety. We only included the right ingredients at the right doses to create one of the best mental performance supplements in the world.
Q. How often should I drink INVIA?
A. One stick pack added to 16.9oz of water daily is sufficient but we recommend 2 per day.
Q. Will I feel an immediate effect on my memory or thinking skills? 
A. Yes. Most individuals experience benefits within 30-60 minutes of consuming INVIA. The formula also provides long-term benefits as studies have demonstrated improved attention after daily consumption of the key ingredients for a month.
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