Interview with Dr. Robert Paul - Founder of INVIA, Clinical neuropsychologist, & brain expert.

Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Some Wear Lab Coats

It all began with a frustrated scientist and consumer who truly wasn’t satisfied with the marketplace. INVIA’s founder, Dr. Robert Paul, made it his life's mission to solve an everyday problem. He specialized in the area of adult brain functions and wanted to create something that would immensely benefit him and his family. The goal was to make a product that had the correct dosage in each serving that was biologically relevant and beneficial. “When I developed INVIA, I was looking for a product that could elevate my performance as a professional, husband and father,” recalled Dr. Paul.

“There really wasn’t a scientific, functional, or credible beverage in the industry for over decades and I wanted to make something that my family and I could be proud of.” After years of research and testing, he finally developed the perfect synergy of ingredients. Dr. Paul’s kitchen became his lab—for months there were powders, liquids, vials, and flasks spread out on the kitchen table until, finally, the perfect formula was created.

INVIA was created with the sole purpose of boosting brainpower and enhancing long-term memory and energy levels. Its carefully selected, high-quality ingredients are formulated with precise dosages, setting the formula apart from leading competitors. The key ingredient Cognizin® citicoline has been shown to increase focus and attention in several published studies. In addition to vitamins E, B6, and B12, INVIA also contains a combination of caffeine and ornithine (an amino acid) that improves mood and enhances concentration. On September 3, 2007 INVIA was born.

Today, more than ever, our brains are overloaded from the constant external stimuli that surrounds us. Coupled with stress and daily responsibilities, it is nearly impossible to tune out the noise and get work done. After consuming INVIA daily, Dr. Paul enhanced his mental clarity, helping him focus harder when he needed to, giving him back more time for family, and providing more time to recharge.

Stop thinking wishfully and start thinking at the speed of your dreams! Your life changing decision starts with choosing between INVIA’s Mixed Berry or Tea Lemonade.

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