Combined duo of Citoline and caffeine— double the benefits

INVIA’s key potent ingredients—citicoline and caffeine— individually provide immense benefits for both the mind and body. Combine them, and you instantly receive double the benefits and double the magic. Most of us know what caffeine is, but what is Citicoline? Citicoline is a naturally occurring nutrient found in the brain, which increases an important substance that is critical for healthy cognitive functions. When citicoline and caffeine are consumed together, there are endless advantages. INVIA provides the right dosage of each ingredient ultimately enhancing mental performance. Let’s break down the exact benefits of the optimal duo— Citicoline and Caffeine.

Improving Memory— Most people don’t think of Caffeine when they think of improving memory. However— this powerful stimulant has been proven to support memory. Caffeine has a positive effect on short-term memory, and enhances memory 24 hours after it is consumed. With INIVIA, once the dosage of caffeine has worn off, the citicoline kicks in. Citicoline has been clinically shown to improve long-term memory and help maintain normal levels of acetylcholine, a chemical that regulates memory and cognitive function. INVIA creates an easy solution to support positive long-term memory effects.

Staying Alert Brewing a cup of coffee is now a morning ritual for most people with the sole purpose to wake you up. However, the benefits of having a cup of coffee versus consuming the right dose of caffeine are significantly different. Many variables cause coffee to affect your body differently than just caffeine. From the way the coffee beans are brewed to the type of milk, creamer, or sugar that go into a single cup of coffee, all affect how the caffeine will react to your body. For example, milk will change the way your body uses up caffeine—making it harder to digest. Consuming the same amount of caffeine spread out throughout the day would not reap the same benefits as one correct dosage of caffeine. INVIA provides that perfect dosage of caffeine that quickly boosts alertness and mental stamina.

Citicoline is clinically proven to supply the brain with the energy it needs to stay sharp. It supports focus, mental clarity and increases levels of acetylcholine neurotransmitters. This nootropic promotes concentration by providing a constant supply of flowing energy to the brain and active communications between neurons.

Boosting Energy & Defeating Fatigue— The combined dosage of caffeine and citicoline helps you stay physically and mentally active by temporarily blocking feelings of fatigue. Caffeine is clinically shown to boost physical endurance and provide an instant boost of energy. On the other hand—citicoline increases brain and mental energy while speeding up the formation of brain membranes in healthy adults.

INVIA boosts mental and physical performance including these key ingredients in its formula. Citicoline and caffeine combined with the other key elements of INVIA provide a healthy solution to increase energy, focus, alertness, and memory.

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