5 Ways to Conquer Time Management

Balancing daily responsibilities is something we all struggle with. Do you ever look at your to-do list and wonder how on earth you can do everything that needs to be done? This to-do list can be less daunting if you start overcoming time management obstacles. The first step is figuring out where your problem is.

Do you say “no” to tasks? Do you delegate tasks? Do you use your calendar? If you answered any of these questions saying no, keep reading to find out how to conquer time management:  


  1.  Wake up earlier

It’s easy to get up early when we have to—however, would you do it by choice? There are only so many hours of the day. Your window of opportunity widens when you wake up 2-3 hours earlier than your normal time. After a grueling day of responsibilities, how many minutes are left? More importantly—how well do you use them? Cultivating the habit of rising early will be a challenge, but it will help you save extra time and manage your day better and smarter.


  1. Exercise more

If you exercise daily, not only will you stay in shape and maintain good health, but you will also improve work productivity. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will increase alertness and energy while supporting mental and physical health. Boosting productivity through simple and short exercises increases blood flow to the brain and sharpens your mind—allowing you to conquer the next bring project or meeting!


  1. Incorporate INVIA into your daily routine

INVIA instantly helps you focus on a task at hand. It can help filter out those distractions and prime the brain to focus and perform at the capacity needed to achieve success at home or work. It’s ingredients use science-backed ingredients to support complex mental activity. Incorporating INVIA into your daily routine is exactly what you need to increase productivity and tackle time management.

  1. Create a schedule that works for you

Develop a plan that helps you prioritize your tasks. Utilizing project management tools and calendars can also help with productivity. As you create a task list, you’ll probably find that long-term and short-term lists work best. Figuring out where to start can be tough—grab a piece of paper and start now! It is never too late to get your list going. Set goals, and prioritize!

  1. Delegate tasks

If you're using every possible hour to finish your tasks, stop right now! It is time to ask for help. If you are at work, learn to say no to your boss and learn to delegate responsibilities to other employees. Start with small steps, tell your boss or client that it will take a few days to get them the deliverables versus promising and giving impossible deadlines. If you’re a mom, hire a babysitter for a few hours a week so you can work uninterrupted or just unwind and relax.

Conquering time management is not impossible! Overcome those time management obstacles by recognizing where your problems are and what’s causing them. Making gradual changes is key. If you want to improve your time management immensely, you need to take things slowly. Choose two to three small changes to make for this week! Implement these changes and once they become habits, make two to three more changes. The results will seem slower at first, but over time you will improve your time management exponentially, with lasting results.

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